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Financial Software Seminar

This one day expert briefing delivers the objective information financial and IT executives need to know when researching, evaluating, selecting and implementing Financial Management Systems. This executive seminar will deliver:

  • A thorough review of the software selection frameworks and strategies used by global consulting organizations and the Big 4 accounting firms, and essential to the success of any person involved in Financial Management System planning.
  • A thorough examination of the market leading financial applications; noting the unique and advanced capabilities offered by each software vendor AND an in-depth analysis of the deficiencies and shortcomings for each vendor, which often lead to project delays, budget overruns or implementation failure.
  • An analysis of the top factors which contribute to financial software success or failure; citing the specific causes and criterion and their direct correlation to success or failure.
  • Tried and proven implementation methodologies, including support for Best of Breed solutions, ‘World Class’ performance benchmarks, Best Practices and specific methods to maximize your financial software investment.
  • A complete package of consulting deliverables to jump start your project planning success, including a proven Framework with supporting tools such as business process maps, cost/benefit model, RFP guides, demo script structures, software scoring models, ROI calculator, change management methodology and research results showing exactly why projects fail and why they succeed.

Seminar Locations

The Planning a State of the Art Financial Information System seminar is delivered in the following areas.

New York City — April 8

Boston — April 9

Washington DC — April 15

Atlanta — April 16

Minneapolis — April 22

Chicago — April 23

Dallas — April 29

Houston — April 30

Seattle — May 6

San Francisco — May 7

Los Angeles — May 8

Phoenix — May 10

Miami — May 13

Orlando — May 14


Vantive @ Work

Vantive specializes in enterprise software research as well as in the selection and deployment of ERP and financial software solutions. The company consists solely of senior practitioners (the average advisor retains just over 18 years of full-time ERP and financial software experience).

Vantive is not a seminar company, but a financial software advisory firm that uses seminars to deliver practical advice, real world insights and keep companies on the leading edge of operational and technology efficiency. Vantive maintains a staff of analysts, researchers and veteran consultants.

Vantive delivers expert and unbiased information. The company is 100% independent of any and all software vendors or other vested interests that may compromise information analysis or customer advice.

Vantive analysts are the best in the world at delivering objective and practical advice through executive seminars for business professionals involved in researching, evaluating, selecting and deploying Financial Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Human Capital Management (HCM) or Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.


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