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 Planning a Financial Management System

Who Should Attend This Financial Software Planning Seminar?

  • This seminar is a must for those financial, accounting and operational professionals that will be involved in planning or evaluating market leading ERP software or financial applications, or who want to learn about the latest ERP and financial software solutions, including the limitations and weaknesses which are difficult to uncover prior to making an investment.
  • Executive management, CFO’s, CEO’s, Controllers, Financial Analysts, Accounting Managers and Supervisors, CPAs and IT Directors that need to accelerate their understanding of the processes, products and success factors that are most important in a financial management system project.

You are – or will be – participating in the planning of a new Financial Information System (FIS). The new FIS must directly support your business strategies, satisfy the increasing demand for timely financial and operational information, and improve productivity. To achieve such a system, you need to understand current FIS software solutions and how to take full advantage of that technology.

This Briefing cuts through the technical jargon and vendor hype to give you the most critical facts you need to plan and implement a powerful financial system and achieve the maximum payback on that investment. A new financial system is a major investment. You will leave this briefing with the insights, ideas and information needed to make informed decisions. You have Vantive’s unconditional, money-back guarantee.

This Financial Information Systems Planning seminar has been delivered by this instructor to over 2,400 attendees and averaged a 4.75 rating on a scale of 5.

18 Key Benefits You Will Receive

  1. Why and how financial executives are using modern financial systems as a catalyst for substantial business improvements.

  2. How to use a proven Framework to select the best possible Financial System for your business.

  3. A comprehensive checklist of the crucial financial software evaluation criteria and decisions.

  4. Techniques for developing a Financial System that will support future business growth and changes.

  5. The current financial software trends and how they impact your evaluation, purchase and deployment.

  6. How to best compare Best of Breed financial solutions, with broader integrated suite solutions, and the specific evaluation criteria, benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

  7. How cloud financial systems are changing the options, the specific benefits and risks of cloud applications, and exactly where cloud systems best fit and don’t fit.

  8. How to effectively use Requests For Proposals (RFP) to objectively evaluate financial software, identify the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and detect gaps and shortcomings before making a purchase.

  9. How to craft software demo scripts in order to compare each system fairly, flush out deficiencies and permit users to understand the real ease of use and user experience.

  10. How forward thinking organizations are using social media and social strategies with their financial systems in order to become “Social Enterprises.”

  11. The non-hyped opportunity of Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data, and how and where these solutions offer low cost and big payback.

  12. Methods to select and deploy financial systems which directly impact the Customer Experience (CX).

  13. How and when to leverage open source financial systems, or particular open source components, over much higher priced commercial software applications.

  14. Vendor comparison charts and financial software reviews to determine the most qualified short list.

  15. Ratings, rankings and individual product reviews of the top financial software products, and where those products fit and don’t fit.

  16. Critical information that you need to know about the vendor before selecting software.

  17. How to recognize the hidden costs and calculate a real ROI on your financial software investment.

  18. Most importantly, how to avoid making the most common mistakes in selecting a financial system.

The Seminar Agenda

Strategy: All good financial software decisions begin with strategy. We advise how to create a strategy that best aligns a new or upgraded financial system to the current and future needs of the business, and enables financial staff to become more strategic in the business planning and decision making.

Framework: We share a proven software selection methodology that saves time, maximizes results, identifies the optimal financial solution and calculates the real ROI. We also deliver key tools for the process, such as requirements gathering tools, business process maps, system integration maps, Request For Proposal (RFP) guides, demo script structures, demo scoring models, change management methodology and a 4 stage communication plan that works wonders.

Key Decisions: New technology offers new opportunities, but must be carefully understood and evaluated to minimize risk and achieve desired results. We show how to compare and contrast Best of Breed solutions versus integrated ERP and financial suites, when open source systems or components should be considered, and how and when to compare cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) with on-premise financial systems—along the top advantages and disadvantages of each. We also examine SaaS caution areas such as customization, integration, hosting and portability.

Social Enterprise: Social strategies can be harnessed to create a Social Enterprise, and achieve big benefits such as customer engagement, labor productivity and reduced operational costs. But truly becoming a social enterprise is hard. To achieve success, we advise a 6 step framework to create and advance a social strategy from a vague theory to using social to solve tough business problems and show clear ROI.

Disruptive Technologies: New technologies such as cloud, mobile and social offer specific opportunities to dramatically increase financial software ROI. However, most adopters begin without specific and measurable objectives and the right use cases—and fail to get organizational adoption. Here we share exactly where these disruptive technologies offer the highest ROI, and how to use them to increase financial systems payback.

Analytics: Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data are overhyped terms, but when you put these technologies into a solid business context, they can offer tremendous value for little cost. We share those use cases where BI and Big Data can deliver big results, and we advise which analytics and Big Data solutions offer the best value.

Vendor Briefings. There is no one size fits all best vendor solution so we rank, rate and share our detailed vendor evaluations across key categories. For each category, we examine the Top 5 vendor solutions and identify their strengths, weaknesses, unique capabilities, limitations and costs. Our independent vendor reviews are the best in the industry at sharing what you need to know before making a purchase decision.

Vendor Contracts: Only savvy negotiators craft software agreements which minimize risk, tie the vendor’s payments to the customer’s success and pay a fair price. We share expert negotiation advice, and inform you why some customers get 5% discounts while others get 50%+ discounts. We’ll also share with you what discount you should receive based on the financial system you choose.

Implementation. Planning a successful financial software deployment begins in the selection process and continues through the go-live event. Once the selection is complete, we advise a proven implementation approach to minimize risk and achieve forecasted results. This section also delivers helpful tools such as a Project Management Office framework and charter, ROI calculator, and invaluable research such as the top 10 reasons financial software projects fail to achieve their objectives or fail outright.

The Complete Financial Software Selection Guide

Each seminar attendee will leave with the Complete Financial Information System Guide, which includes:

An invaluable reference manual on all aspects of financial system selection and implementation, including:

  • Comprehensive, expert and objective evaluations for each of the top financial software solutions
  • Step by step guidelines for creating fail-safe plans, defining the right requirements, evaluating software solutions and implementing financial systems
  • Checklists of strategic decisions to make in the selection and deployment phases

This comprehensive manual contains all of the insights, pitfalls to avoid, How To’s, non-technical explanations and information covered in the briefing. It’s designed to help you apply what you learn in the briefing.

Financial Software Guide

What Others Have Said About This Briefing

"Good practical advice clearly based on actual implementation experience."
Joe McKee, Finance Manager, Phillips Petroleum

"Excellent. The workbook and notes will give a good basis to move forward in our ERP software selection process."
Paul Blair, Business Leader, Illinois Power Company

"Practical, real world experience and knowledge - Chuck keeps it moving and interesting."
Charles Daul, VP Finance, YMCA

"Chuck was able to sense our information needs and address them in a way that challenged our perception and gave us good approaches to solve our problems."
Jon Hess, Ogden City Corp.

"Gave me information about a field that many ‘consultants’ really know little about."
Susan Lloyd, Displaytech, Inc., Commercial Division Finance

"Great overview, usable manual, knowledgeable speaker, good interaction."
Connie Hamilton, Finance Manager, Solar Turbines

"It’s just what you advertised."
Bob Moore, Deputy Super/CFO, Colorado Springs School District

"Excellent presentation, knowledgeable presenter."
Tom Cunnan, Finance Accounting Manager, Port of Houston Authority

"Hands down the best ERP software and financial software learning experience I’ve ever encountered."
Winston Gray, CFO, United Health

"Very well laid out. Good educational class for those looking into financial packages."
Wilbur Post, Systems Analyst, City of Mesa

"Very good overview … really glad I attended."
Duane Foss, Lead DBA, American Express

"Good content, good presentation. [Chuck Schaeffer] did an excellent job."
Joel Patterson, President, Medial Resource Systems, Inc.

"Excellent. Honest evaluations of financial systems and the specific applications."
Cynthia Pischner, Controller, Jupiter Holdings

"Great slides to take away, good explanations of new technologies. Very complete – will help me work with clients."
Robert Lofblad, Manager, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

"Excellent. Lots of interaction with leader and other attendees. Leader has in-depth knowledge of the subject."
James McEneavery, AVP/Accounting Officer, FBR Boston

"Good take home materials, helpful vendor lists and practical hints to interview vendors."
Maria Barba-Perez, Manager, NSC Corp.

"Excellent … clarification of the complexities of the technology, market and the selection process."
Rupali Chakravarti, Senior Consultant, American Cyanamid




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